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Adult Program

International Approach for Local Students

Is it time to finally learn to play the piano like you wanted to?
Do you wish to play for yourself, recode your own music, or perform?

The Kirichenko School of Music has an adult program that is very specifically tailored to the goals of the student.
You decide on your own goals and the intensity in which you pursue them.

For adults new to the piano we draw upon our introduction programs and build your curriculum from there.
For more advanced students we incorporate curriculum from the music major's program to advanced you to your desired ability.

You will find the school immensely rewording as you progress and become the musician you have always wanted to be.

A Testimonial,

Mr. Kirichenko is an excellent choice for a piano student whether they are at the beginning stages of learning to play or advanced pianist who is seeking outside guidance. For my young son he has been patient and sensitive yet firm in his approach which as benefited him, ensuring that he maintains proper form, position, technique and dynamics and not just getting all the notes right. For myself, an amateur pianist of 30 years, Mr. Kirichenko has provided me with excellent feedback and advice on my playing which has helped me to make immediate improvements. I have recommended him to others who have sought piano teachers. Mark O.