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Piano Olympics

Kirichenko Music School offering program called PIANO OLYMPICS

What is Piano Olympics? It is a unique program based on the series of books, entitled "The Russian Technical Regimen for the Piano" and Piano Olympics Manual, written by famous Russian American concert pianist and master teacher, ALEXANDER PESKANOV. It consist of seven levels that include numerous exercises for the students, called piano aerobics

What is piano aerobics? It is a well-designed series of finger exercises that would only require 15 minutes a day of practicing for Beginner level. It is similar, as if you were an athlete, you need to do some stretching and cardio every day, the piano students requires exercises for concentration, muscle relaxation, strong fingers and stamina.

Dmitry Kirichenko offers a unique opportunity for his students to perfect piano aerobics, get properly evaluated by using score cards, and earning points for each technical element while participating in Piano Olympics non–competitive event. Piano Olympics offers students a chance to acquire essential piano skills, while having a lot of fun!

Like Alexander Peskanov, from age 6 to age 17 Dmitry Kirichenko studied all academic subjects as well as piano at the internationally renowned Stoliarsky School of Music in Odessa, Ukraine. This was one of the finest schools in the Soviet Union, combining music and academic disciplines and required the finest level of excellence in both. Many great pianists and teachers came from this school: such as Emil Gilels, David Oistrqakh, Alexander Peskanov and many more.

Through technical regiment students acquire discipline that makes practice more meaningful

And they achieved a well developed capability of concentration, a wide dynamic range and excellent coordination of mind ears and fingers. Last but not least, students become their own best critics. WHEN REGIMEN BECOMES PART OF STUDENT’S PIANO AEROBICS AND PART OF DAYLY PRACTICING ROUTINE, THE STUDENT GAINS SELF CONFIDENCE AND HAS MUCH MORE FUN WITH PRACTICE

Kirichenko will offer individual training in piano technique for each student in preparation for Piano Olympics event. This training will enable students to meet the demands of Piano Olympics technical requirements and reach the ultimate objective of passing the next level. The mastery of techniques will help students to ACHIEVE THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND LET THE FINGERS BECOME AN EXTENTION OF THE SOUL.