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Children's Program

International Approach for Local Students

The Kirichenko School of Music has developed a unique program for children. At the core is an introduction to music appreciation and the piano.

We review the history of music, its place in society and install a proper instructional and practice regimen. Such a foundation is useful beyond music and assists in the student's general education and in how they organize their lives.

Instruction is tailored to the specific student while maintaining the basic standards of technical regime and theory. As the student progresses, they can enroll in several Music Teachers Association programs.

Beginners Curriculum

A Testimonial,

Dr. Dmitry Kirichenko taught piano to my sons for nine years. During that time, I was particularly impressed with his knowledge and interpretation of all periods of classical music and composers. As high school juniors, my sons were able to obtain the highest level of Certificate of Merit for Piano (Level X - Advanced). Dmitry was always very patient and understanding when my sons got very busy with other activities and schoolwork, but still wanted to continue with piano. He has greatly enhanced our family's enjoyment of classical music, and I highly recommend Dmitry for any level of student who wishes to enrich his or her piano-playing experience. Marcia O.