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Music Major

An International Approach for Local Students

The Kirichenko School of Music has developed an in-depth program to prepare students for college level studies or supplement their present college music curriculum.

Our objective is to prepare the student for a professional music occupation such as concert pianist, orchestra or chamber music leader, or as a piano or music theory instructor.

The Music Major program introduces and concentrates on advanced techniques and performance. Subjects encompass: advanced music theory, relaxation, weight conversion to sound, "flying fingers" techniques, accents, and a detailed technical regime.

The program also includes preparation and performance in music festivals and competitions.

A Testimonial,

Dr. Kirichenko has been my outstanding piano teacher for almost four years now. Under his instruction, my playing skills and my understanding of music theory have improved dramatically. Dr. Kirichenko is truly the best music mentor for me! Together we work toward our goal of excellence in music. Whenever I struggle with a difficult piece, he patiently helps me overcome my mistakes to make it right. Through his patience, knowledge, and sense of humor, he inspires me to do my very best at reaching our goal. I love playing the piano because I understand how to play the piano, and I owe much of this understanding to Dr. Kirichenko. Because of his excellent training and encouragement, I now have six students of my own, and I'm having tons of fun teaching others how to play this beautiful instrument. In the great tradition of music apprenticeships, I discuss my students with Dr. Kirichenko, and together we develop a training strategy for my students' different skill levels. His input is invaluable to me and my students. The money I earn from teaching piano is a great bonus for me as a teenager. I highly recommend Dr. Kirichenko!! He is amazing! McKenzie C.